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I amsterdam sweaters

For everyone who loves Amsterdam and the region: take a piece of the city with you in your life! Make your family, friends or yourself happy with typical Amsterdam gifts - such as these I amsterdam sweaters with the original I amsterdam logo. So you have something beautiful that makes you happy, or a gift that makes your loved ones happy at home.


The I amsterdam label

Most urban campaigns draw attention to buildings, history or other cultural highlights. However, the municipality of Amsterdam wanted a different approach. The result was 'I amsterdam': a city identity campaign that celebrated the people of Amsterdam in all their diversity. The campaign included a giant three-dimensional version of the logo on the famous Museumplein. Here it has become an Amsterdam monument, with visitors photographing themselves with the letters. At the end of 2018, the letters were removed from the Museumplein – a symbolic action

against the overtourism that Amsterdam experiences. The letters now travel around the city and can also be found during events. You will also always find them at Schiphol and at the Sloterplas. The I amsterdam campaign was developed by the communication agency KesselsKramer from Amsterdam on behalf of the City of Amsterdam.


Not just I amsterdam sweaters

Several major cities have a whole range of accessories with their own signature. For example, Berlin has the Ampelmann and in London you can find a whole range of London Underground items. Amsterdam offers a whole range of I amsterdam souvenirs and products: I amsterdam t-shirts, beanies, lanyards, flight tags, bracelets, cufflinks, but also I amsterdam bicycle bells, I amsterdam cups, mugs, cutting boards and more. Equipped with the I amsterdam logo or with a typical Amsterdam touch such as canal houses cutting boards and street name cups.