Makers: Anna Nera

Everything about Anna Nera

Anna Nera

Anna Nera is a cool Fairtrade Lifestyle brand founded in 2019. An initiative by Claudia Stefanutto, inspired by the woman who, like her, likes to wear black and loves design. With a backpack full of experience in retail and wholesale in (home) decoration, Claudia decided to start her own brand. And where else to start in Nepal! There, well before the launch of Anna Nera, she had the pleasure of meeting the skilled and passionate artisans who produce for Fairtrade organizations in Nepal and Bangladesh. They make the new collection of Anna Nera. A unique collection consisting of handmade items such as homestyle accessories, ceramics, fashion accessories, bags and jewelry. Fair trade from Nepal and Bangladesh. And sustainable because…. Black is never out of style.

The story behind the product

Know the story behind the product and you will appreciate using the product much more! Anna Nera only works with WFTO Fairtrade organizations. These companies support local communities, pioneer upcycling, empower women and practice organic farming. Their impact is broad and far-reaching. These are the enterprises of the new economy. Claudia traveled back to Nepal and Bangladesh to work and meet the women behind them and create a new and cool collection together. In it, she tries to capture the story behind the artisans to bring it closer to you.