Makers: Annie's Bag

Everything about Annie's Bag

The creation of Annie's Bag

Yvette Laduk from Alphen a/d Rijn and Marijke Dekker from Amsterdam complement each other perfectly with their different backgrounds. Marijke has a lot of experience in the field of marketing and communications. Yvette's roots are mainly in the design and creation of living room products. Together they form the formula for Annie's Bag.

Made out of durable material

Central to Annie's Bag's philosophy are sustainability, creativity, and quality. This is also reflected in the company's collection. All their bags are made of durable material, including bags made of PET-felt. Furthermore, the prints on the bags reflect pure creativity. The grey bags can be recognised by the typical Dutch images printed on them. For example, you'll see imprints of the beautiful canals of Amsterdam, the soothing flat landscapes or some typical Dutch products on the bags of Annie's Bag. The collection of Annie's Bag is perfectly suited as a gift to your foreign friends, and of course a very nice treat for yourself. Show how proud you are of our small, beautiful country!

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