Makers: Van Tjalle & Jasper

Alles over Van Tjalle & Jasper

Tjalle & Jasper was founded in 2012 by Tjalle Niehof and Jasper Kuijl. After years of friendship, they decided to start a business together. Luckily, they were not lacking in knowledge and experience: Tjalle was trained as an industrial designer and Jasper worked for years as a cabinetmaker. Tjalle and Jasper complement each other perfectly and manage to constantly put together something unique.

Tjalle and Jasper have a large workspace at their disposal. They not only design furniture, but they also manufacture everything from scratch. All their furniture is designed and manufactured on Dutch soil.

Van Tjalle and Jasper combine classic shapes and modern techniques with distinctive lamps as the result. Besides lamps, Van Tjalle and Jasper also design other interior items such as tables, chairs, and shelves.

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