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  6. Bis Publishers
  7. Blond Amsterdam
  8. Boska
  9. Brût Homeware
  10. Brutus Kookt!
  12. Creative Lab Amsterdam
  13. Cre8
  14. Döpp Sieraden
  15. Droog Design
  16. Dutch Design Brand
  17. Ellis Rowold
  18. Eric Wijffelaars
  19. Foooty
  20. Frame Publishers
  21. Frederik Roijé
  22. Frederike Top
  23. Goods
  24. Heinen Delfts Blauw
  25. Henk Lakeman
  26. Henk Stallinga
  27. Heroes on Socks
  28. Hollands Licht
  29. Humble
  30. Huygens
  31. ignore
  32. Iris Nijenhuis
  33. IXXI design
  34. Jean-Pierre Raes
  35. Jurre Groenenboom
  36. Keecie
  37. Kitsch Kitchen
  38. Knits for your inspiration
  39. KYWIE
  40. LEFF Amsterdam
  41. Lieke van Dijk
  42. Lunedot
  43. Lucis
  44. M. Peters & M. Hagoort
  45. Maarten Baptist
  46. Metalbird
  47. Michiel Cornelissen
  48. New Duivendrecht
  49. Nieuwe Heren
  50. NL Architects
  51. Pepe Heykoop & Tiny Miracles Foundation
  52. Pols Potten
  53. Puik Art
  54. Rembrandt van Rijn
  55. Rijksmuseum
  56. Robert Bronwasser
  57. Rowold
  58. Royal Delft
  59. Sabine van der Ham
  60. Sandmarks
  61. Saskia Nooij
  62. Seroj de Graaf
  63. Silhouet Lighting
  64. Slim Ben Ameur
  65. Soonsalon
  66. Snellies Waskit
  67. Studio Admiraal Design
  68. Studio Carmela Bogman
  69. The Upcycle
  70. Tim Várdy
  71. Tjalle & Jasper
  72. Turina Jewellery
  73. TWO-O
  74. Uitgeverij TerraLannoo
  75. Van Tjalle & Jasper
  76. Vincent van Gogh
  77. Willem Noyons
  78. Yolanda Döpp
  79. &klevering Amsterdam
  1. &klevering Amsterdam
  2. ATMK
  3. Alessi
  4. Anna Nera
  5. Atomixz
  6. BIEN moves
  8. Barentsz Urban Fabric
  9. Blond Amsterdam
  10. Boska
  11. Brutus Kookt!
  12. Brût Homeware
  13. CRE8
  14. City Cufflinks
  15. Cor Unum
  16. Creative Lab Amsterdam
  17. Dopp Sieraden
  18. Droog Design
  19. Dutch Design Brand
  20. Foooty
  21. Frame Publishers
  22. Goods
  23. Graypants
  24. Heinen Delfts Blauw
  25. Heroes on Socks
  26. Het Amsterdamse Zeephuis
  27. Het Lichtlab
  28. Hollands Licht
  29. Hollandsche Waaren
  30. Humade
  31. Humble
  32. Huygens
  33. I amsterdam
  34. IXXI design
  35. Keecie
  36. Kitsch Kitchen
  37. Knits for your inspiration
  38. Kywie
  39. Leff Amsterdam
  40. Lucis
  41. Maandag meubels
  42. Metalbird
  43. Mr Maria
  44. New Duivendrecht
  45. OZO
  46. Packlamp
  47. Plint
  48. Pols Potten
  49. Puik Art
  50. Rijksmuseum
  51. Riverstones
  52. Rockeees
  53. Rowold
  54. Royal Goedewaagen
  55. Sandmarks
  56. Silhouet Lighting
  57. Snellies Waskit
  58. Soonsalon
  59. Studio Admiraal Design
  60. Studio Carmela Bogman
  61. Studio Frederik Roijé
  62. Studio Pepe Heykoop
  63. TWO-O
  64. The Upcycle
  65. Turina Jewellery
  66. Uitgeverij TerraLannoo
  67. Van Gogh Museum
  68. Van Tjalle & Jasper
  69. Vondels
  70. ignore
  1. Anne Marie Jetten
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  5. Charlotte Landsheer
  6. Chris Kabel
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  9. Ellis Rowold
  10. Eric Wijffelaars
  11. Erwin Termaat
  12. Esther Hörchner
  13. Femque van Geffen & Janneke Dröge
  14. Frederik Roijé
  15. Frederik Top
  16. Geke Lensink
  17. Hendrik
  18. Henk Lakeman
  19. Henk Stallinga
  20. Iris Nijenhuis
  21. Jaap Elzas
  22. Jacob de Baan
  23. Jan Hoekstra
  24. Jannes Hak
  25. Jean-Pierre Raes
  26. Jeroen Oeloff
  27. Joop Steenkamer Jr.
  28. Jurre Groenenboom
  29. Klaartje de Hartog
  30. Kodjo Kouwenhoven
  31. Lara van der Lugt
  32. Lieke van Dijk
  33. Maarten Baptist
  34. Marcel Wanders
  35. Marjolein Peters & Mirjam Hagoort
  36. Michiel Cornelissen
  37. NL Architects
  38. Nieuwe heren
  39. Pascal Smelik
  40. Pepe Heykoop
  41. Pepe Heykoop & Tiny Miracles Foundation
  42. Peter van de Water
  43. Piet Hein Eek
  44. Rembrandt van Rijn
  45. Robert Admiraal
  46. Robert Bronwasser
  47. Roderick Vos
  48. Roel Vaessen
  49. Sabine van der Ham
  50. Saskia Nooij
  51. Seroj de Graaf
  52. Simon Koop
  53. Slim Ben Ameur
  54. Studio PP
  55. Studio PS
  56. Sylvain Tegroeg
  57. Tim Várdy
  58. Tjalle & Jasper
  59. Tom Feenstra
  60. Vincent van Gogh
  61. Wiebe Teerstra
  62. Willem Noyons
  63. Yolanda Döpp
  64. spek
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  4. 110V US
  5. Almond blossom
  6. Amsterdam
  7. Amsterdam Canal Cufflinks
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  9. Amsterdam North-Souh Large
  10. Ancient World Map
  11. Arm in arm
  12. Art of Nature
  13. Baby Barrel
  14. Back to the 60's
  15. Bat
  16. Beach
  17. Beachwood
  18. Bicycle
  19. Blackbird
  20. Blue-Silver Small
  21. Boat
  22. Books
  23. Books
  24. Botanical
  25. Canal boat
  26. Canal houses
  27. Chrysanten
  28. Circle
  29. Clockgable
  30. Clogs
  31. Coral Reef
  32. Crested Tit
  33. Delft Blue
  34. Double Delicious
  35. Dutch Parade
  36. English compliments
  37. Floral Garden
  38. Flowers
  39. Funky Frog
  40. German compliments
  41. Giraffe
  42. Girl with pearl earring
  43. Glasses
  44. Go Go Mango
  45. Godwit
  46. Gold-Gold Medium
  47. Green Leaves
  48. Green-Gold Small
  49. Hans Andreus - Je bent zo
  50. Heracleum
  51. Japanese Blossom
  52. Japanese Blossom
  53. Kingfisher
  54. Kissing
  55. Liqueur Bottle
  56. Low
  57. Magpie
  58. Map Holland
  59. Marten & Oopjen
  60. Miffy
  61. Mighty Jungle
  62. Milk jug
  63. Mondrian
  64. Neckgable
  65. No. 3
  66. Nr. 3 Conical
  67. Octagon
  68. Oriental Flamingo Flight
  69. Owl
  70. P.C. Hooftstraat
  71. Paisley
  72. Palace on the Dam
  73. Parrot Fish
  74. Portuguese Tiles
  75. Red-Silver Small
  76. Rembrandt
  77. Robin Redbreast
  78. Round
  79. Seascape
  80. Shawl
  81. Skyline Metro
  82. Sparrow
  83. Spout gable
  84. Spout gable straight
  85. Square
  86. Stepped gable
  87. Stepped gable
  88. Stepped gable - yellow
  89. Sugar bowl
  90. Sunflowers
  91. Swallow couple
  92. Sweet Jungle
  93. Texel Dunes
  94. The Jewish Bride
  95. The Night Watch
  96. Tree trunk
  97. Triptic
  98. Tulips
  99. Van Gogh
  100. Various bikes
  101. Vinyl
  102. Voet Spacey
  103. Watch my Back
  104. Windmill
  105. Wine Bottle
  106. Winter Robins
  107. Woodpecker
  108. Wren
  109. map of Amsterdam
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  26. Whisky 35 cl
  27. Whisky 70 cl
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  1. Albert Cuypstraat
  2. Ceintuurbaan
  3. Centrum
  4. De 9 Straatjes
  5. Herengracht
  6. Javastraat
  7. Nieuw-West
  8. Noord
  9. Oost
  10. Pieter Cornelisz. Hooftstraat
  11. Prinsengracht
  12. Utrechtsestraat
  13. West
  14. Zuid
  15. Zuid-Oost

Meet the makers

&klevering Amsterdam
Amsterdam-based &klevering (since 1992) has the ambition to make colorful, creative home decorations and gifts to brighten up everyday life at home. The characteristic of the brand is Dutch design with a twist with inspiration from nature and fashion.
More &klevering Amsterdam
A Beautiful Story
The Dutch Cathelijne Lania is the founder of the jewelry line A Beautiful Story. A Beautiful Story jewelry is a unique jewelry that makes the world a little nicer. The jewelry is made by silversmiths from Nepal and the more orders, the more work there is for the people in Nepal.
More A Beautiful Story
Amsterdam Bracelet
More Amsterdam Bracelet
Anna Nera
Anna Nera is a cool Fairtrade lifestyle brand founded in 2019. An initiative by Claudia Stefanutto, inspired by the woman who, like her, likes to wear black and loves design. The collection includes own design homestyle accessories, ceramics, fashion accessories, bags and jewelry. All Fairtrade and produced by hand in Nepal and Bangladesh.
More Anna Nera
Annie's Bag
Annie's Bag is the pride of Yvette Laduk and Stuart Davis. One day both were looking for creative gifts for their foreign relations. The grey shoppers of Annie's Bag are characterised by illustrations of typical Dutch scenes.
More Annie's Bag
Atelier OZO
Eric Wijffelaars founded Atelier OZO in 1995. The design studio specialises in the design and manual production of home accessories and furniture, with the aim to create something that is both straightforward and practical.
More Atelier OZO
ATMK stands for At the Table with Karin, the driving force behind the company. She directs both design and production. Although woodworking is the origin, ATMK is increasingly making Finest cutting and serving boards from pressed recycled paper and wood fiber.
Barentsz Urban Fabric
Miriam Hagoort and Marjolein Peters share a passion for the beauty of the city and graphic structures. These scarves with city plans and patterns are the result!
More Barentsz Urban Fabric
Benno Premsela
This Dutch designer was a true jack of all trades. Besides being the creator of many beautiful designs, he was also an interior designer and a central figure in the Dutch art world
More Benno Premsela
Bis Publishers
As a publishing company, BIS publishers is constantly looking for new techniques, methods, and visions that stimulate creativity in its broadest form.
More Bis Publishers
Blond Amsterdam
In 2001, Femque van Geffen and Janneke Dröge started painting crockery in a small studio in Amsterdam under the name Blond. Their shared passion for fun and colorful tableware grew into a vibrant, varied and famous product range.
More Blond Amsterdam
Boska has been passionate about cheese for over a century! This passion is something the family wishes to share. Since day one it has been their tradition to inspire every cheese lover with their many cheese related products.
More Boska
More Brand
Brût Homeware
Brût Homeware from Amsterdam offers a sturdy yet elegant range of living, kitchen and office accessories. Design inspired by Art Deco and the Amsterdam School, from sustainable raw materials, produced in India and Bosnia.
More Brût Homeware
Brutus Kookt!
A young brand with cheerful gadgets for the kitchen. This young brand focuses on handy kitchen gadgets that make us happy. It makes your daily tasks just a little more exciting, handy and above all more fun.
More Brutus Kookt!
Hendrik' tempts you with designs by artists such as Bosch, van Gogh, and Mulders. Hendrik' is named after Duke Hendrik, the founder of 's-Hertogenbosch. Wanda van Riet has produced an exclusive collection of designer products.
Cathelijne Lania
Cathelijne Lania besluit haar goede baan in de marketing op te geven om haar droom in Nepal na te jagen. Via Nepalese zilversmeden creëert Lania mooie armbanden, kettingen en oorbellen voor elke gelegenheid, waar ook nog een feel-good verhaal achter schuilgaat. De zilveren en eigentijdse sieraden van Cathelijne Lania zijn echte eyecatchers.
More Cathelijne Lania
Cecilia Valentine
"What challenges me is to find simple solutions to everyday problems."
More Cecilia Valentine
Cre8: Cre-eight or Create! Cre8 is an urban fabrication. 3D and laser!
More Cre8
Creative Lab Amsterdam
Cre8: Cre-eight or Create! Cre8 is an urban fabrication. 3D and laser!
More Creative Lab Amsterdam
Daniel Mendez Chavarro
"Creating things makes me happy. I want to share my joy with everyone who feels connected to the things I make"
More Daniel Mendez Chavarro
Dinelight Amsterdam
Dine by cool or romantic candlelight. Both can with the 'DineLight candlestick because it can be used on both sides'. A 'bright light' from André Sjouerman. Suitable for both tea lights and gracefully long candles.
More Dinelight Amsterdam
Döpp Sieraden
Döpp Sieraden is the label of goldsmith Yolanda Döpp. For more than fifteen years, she has been designing and creating the most beautiful silver and gold jewelry in her studio in Amsterdam.
More Döpp Sieraden
Droog Design
The renowned design foundation Droog is a national and international leader in luxury Dutch design. Droog is known for its conceptual and contextual approach to designs with a sober, Dutch approach.
More Droog Design
Dutch Design Brand
Designer Tim Vardy is the founder of Dutch Design Brand. The brand is known for the Dutch Design Chair and aims to create affordable and practical designer products in a sustainable way.
More Dutch Design Brand
Ellis Rowold
Rowold is truly "made in Amsterdam". No-nonsense design; practical yet elegant. Designer Ellis Rowold has a deep connection with felt and leather, resulting in a stylish line of products made of natural materials.
More Ellis Rowold
Eric Wijffelaars
In 1995, Eric founded Atelier Ozo. From this design studio he creates fine furniture and home accessories, which can be described as straightforward as they are made with a practical purpose in mind. As an independent designer he has already been responsible for several projects in the field of shop design, exhibition design and furniture design.
More Eric Wijffelaars
Floris Hovers
Disarmingly simple and recognizable structures characterize the designs of Floris Hovers. Fascinated by uncomplicated shapes and playful materials, these products manage to surprise!
More Floris Hovers
Foooty; the ball that fits every pocket
More Foooty
Frame Publishers
From cosmopolitan Amsterdam, Frame Publishers publishes books and high-end magazines aimed at an international creative audience.
More Frame Publishers
Frederik Roijé
A prolific designer, with lots of ideas, a clear vision and a relentless drive to put Dutch design on the world map.
More Frederik Roijé
Frederike Top
From her own design studio in Amsterdam, Frederik designes beautiful and, above all, functional designs. Her style is functional, playful and most of her designs focuses on light or the reflection of light.
More Frederike Top
Geke Lensink
Geke Lensink designs furniture and crockery. Her mission is to start all over again with contemporary knowledge instead of continuing to evolve. Geke Lensink's work is characterized by sturdy shapes with a minimalist character.
More Geke Lensink
Art Object, practical home accessory or special gift? Goods has it all. Their Dutch designs - famous or novel - can be found in homes as well as museums!
More Goods
Problem solvers with bold creativity resulting in diverse designs in products, architecture and other objects around the world. Founded in Seattle in 2007, since 2012 a studio in Amsterdam where Dutch designers design Graypants products.
More Graypants
Heinen Delfts Blauw
It begins at the end of the seventies when Jaap Heinen who draws and paints in Japanese and Chinese Imari style, starts to paint also in the Delft blue style.
More Heinen Delfts Blauw
Henk Lakeman
Henk Lakeman, is meubelmaker van beroep en bekend met de bewerking van hout en staal. Tijdens een reis naar Nieuw Zeeland liet hij zich door zijn vriend en kunstenaar Phil Walters inspireren om vogelsilhouetten te maken uit cortenstaal. Terug in Nederland heeft Lakeman diverse Hollandse vogelsoorten verwerkt tot vogel decoratie.
More Henk Lakeman
Henk Stallinga
By focusing on functionality and imagination, Stallinga offers users of his designs a different perspective on product application. He creates innovative products with a new meaning.
More Henk Stallinga
Heroes on Socks
According to Heroes on Socks, a young sock label from Amsterdam, socks are an essential part of a solid outfit. Heroes on Socks combines innovative designs and materials made according to Italian traditions with a modern and edgy look.
More Heroes on Socks
Het Amsterdamse Zeephuis
The unique shapes and silhouettes of Amsterdam are the direct source of inspiration for the soap creations of Het Amsterdamse Zeephuis. Colors, textures, and scents add an extra layer to the signature canal houses, creating attractive bars of soap, all handmade in Amsterdam. An initiative of Piotr Gierek, a Polish architect who has lived and worked in Amsterdam since 2013.
More Het Amsterdamse Zeephuis
Hollands Licht

No-nonsense design, simple, minimalist and, above all else, functional. That's how the lights of Hollands Licht, designed by some very famous Dutch designers, can be described.

More Hollands Licht
An innovative global brand that creates sustainable products and creative DIY solutions with a unique story. Founders Gieke and Lotte are always looking for the right balance between people, product and space with passion and dedication. The key is a continuous search for innovative, unorthodox materials and techniques, enlarging the detail to the simplified, elegant essence of design.
More Humade
Humble makes portable and energy-efficient mood lighting with a friendly character. Humble, warm wireless lighting since 2019.
More Humble
The Huygens clock brand takes its name from Christiaan Huygens, the inventor of the pendulum clock. It is a brand of the Amsterdam company Van Mokum, which designs and develops beautiful and unique products from their studio in Amsterdam.
More Huygens
I amsterdam
Amsterdam lovers can take a little piece of the city home with them. Make yourself, your family or your friends happy with typical Amsterdam gifts or souvenirs, such as a pannier with the I amsterdam logo or interesting Dutch design objects. They make for a beautiful Amsterdam souvenir or a wonderful present for loved ones back at home.
More I amsterdam
ignore is an Amsterdam design studio, founded by Julien van Hassel. Ingore develops furniture and interior accessories with a minimalist character.
More ignore
Ilias Ernst
"My designs express simplicity and creativity with a surprising twist"
More Ilias Ernst
Iris Nijenhuis
Iris Nijenhuis is an Amsterdam based designer with a passion for laser cutting and a wide interest in experimental shapes and structures. By experimenting with laser cutting she developed a technique in which the fabric is cut into small puzzle pieces that form the basis of the design process.
More Iris Nijenhuis
IXXI design
A flexible wall system, made up of printed square cards, designed to be attached using torque crosses. This is how IXXI makes art available to a wide audience.
More IXXI design
Jean-Pierre Raes
Jean-Pierre Raes, or JP, loves smart products that bring people together.
More Jean-Pierre Raes
Jurre Groenenboom
Industrieel ontwerper, oprichter en drijvende kracht achter CRE8 en Creatief Coach van jong Design talent.
More Jurre Groenenboom
Artisan handmade bags, wallets, and purses made of genuine leather and always with a playful detail: that's a Keecie!
More Keecie
Kitsch Kitchen
Kitsch Kitchen is a famous Dutch brand that has great products for your kitchen and living room. The colourful items of Kitsch Kitchen always stand out because of their playful prints.
More Kitsch Kitchen
Knits for your inspiration
An Amsterdam-based design studio specializing in knitted designs. Founded by Simone van Eerdenburg with beautiful materials, exciting combinations of materials, and an unconventional application of the knitting technique as a trademark.
More Knits for your inspiration
Dutch-designed wine and champagne coolers. They look like 'wine Uggs'!
LEFF Amsterdam
Today, nobody really needs clocks anymore. That's why the clocks by LEFF Amsterdam focus more on telling a story than telling the time.
More LEFF Amsterdam
Lieke van Dijk
Lieke: 'Design has inspired me all my life, though I have not followed a study in the field or something like that. My desire to design was always there, but my working life also ran differently by anything else'.
More Lieke van Dijk
"A Portable Lamp like no other, with one charge you can take Lucis anywhere and set the mood with 8 to 80 Hours of continuous lighting.”
More Lucis
The candle that doesn't get smaller
More Lunedot
M. Peters & M. Hagoort
Mirjam Hagoort and Marjolein Peters share a passion for city aesthetics and its graphical structures. These scarves with city patterns are the result!
More M. Peters & M. Hagoort
Maarten Baptist
Maarten Baptist plays with the way objects in our environment are often self-explanatory. He creates new shapes that are both commonplace and recognisable. Meet his timeless and decorative table decorations!
More Maarten Baptist
Marc de Groot

Functionality and simplicity are Marc's key priorities. How do you create an aesthetically pleasing product without losing sight of its key features?

More Marc de Groot
Metalbird is the brand name of metal birds. The brand thereby accurately reflects what it is: a bird silhouette of cut Corten steel metal. This bird decoration is handmade, packaged in a beautiful box that can easily fit through the mailbox and is simply mounted with a tap of a hammer.
More Metalbird
Michiel Cornelissen
Award winning product designer. Michiel's designs tend to have a strong emotional side; nostalgia, humour or even a surprise.
More Michiel Cornelissen
Mr Maria
The Amsterdam design studio Mr. Maria (since 2006), is best known for the Miffy lamp. In addition to Miffy, Mr. Maria's collection consists of several iconic figures such as Sniffy, Boris, Nanuk, Kokeshi, and Anana.
More Mr Maria
New Duivendrecht
Design studio and manufacturer of modern furniture "New Duivendrecht, founded by designers Frederik Roijé and Victor Le Noble. New Duivendrecht provides a platform for young design talent to introduce innovative, sustainable products that are accessible to a wide audience.
More New Duivendrecht
Nieuwe Heren
Since 2009, Erik de Nijs and Tim Smit call themselves the "Nieuwe Heren". This design duo loves to leave its mark on all kinds of designs. Their products are part of interior design, fashion and graphic design.
More Nieuwe Heren
NL Architects
Vanuit DE STUDIO van NL architecten in Amsterdam bedenken, Kamiel Klaasse, Pieter Bannenberg en Walter van Dijk hun ideeën en gebouwen in een open-plan kantoor, dat vroeger vermoedelijk een magazijn was. De spreekwoordelijke 'extra mijl' is een integraal onderdeel van hun werk.
More NL Architects
Norman Trapman
Norman Trapman is one of the designers behind Pols Potten. With his unique vases, he conquers the hearts of art lovers worldwide. The designs of this Amsterdam-born designer can be found in several major museums.
More Norman Trapman
Pepe Heykoop
Dutch Designer Pepe Heykoop (1984) founded his studio in Amsterdam directly after his graduation from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2008. Pepe is mainly involved in handwritten and handmade designs, with a natural tendency to recycle objects.
More Pepe Heykoop
Pepe Heykoop & Tiny Miracles Foundation
Dutch Designer Pepe Heykoop (1984) founded his studio in Amsterdam directly after his graduation from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2008. Pepe is mainly involved in handwritten and handmade designs and has a natural tendency to recycle objects.
More Pepe Heykoop & Tiny Miracles Foundation
Piet Hein Eek
His furniture from scrap wood has become a staple in design. Yet apart from being an industrial designer, Eek is above all else an entrepreneur. On Strijp R in Eindhoven, he has built a world of his own.
More Piet Hein Eek
Pols Potten
Pols Potten has been offering creative solutions for every room for over 25 years. Whether you're furnishing a display window, a hotel or your own home, Pols Potten always has an appropriate design object for you. The designs are subtle, innovative and unconventional, with clear roots in Dutch design tradition.
More Pols Potten
Present Time (Pt,)
Looking for fun gadgets for your home that are always on trend? Don't miss these Present Time products!
More Present Time (Pt,)
Puik Art
A company that, together with young talented designers, creates both products under its own label and for other organizations. Puik means 'top quality' in Dutch, 'The best of something'.
More Puik Art
Rembrandt van Rijn
A grandmaster in light, dark, contrast and drama.
More Rembrandt van Rijn
The Rijksmuseum aims to connect people, art and history. Hence the surprising collection of useful utensils and accessories with prints or excerpts from old Dutch masterpieces. Making art a little more accessible!
More Rijksmuseum
Riverstones is an Amsterdam jewelry brand that brings together Dutch design and craftsmanship of Balinese silversmiths. With as source of inspiration the ambitious, busy woman of our time. The jewelry from Riverstones is meant to inspire women to be powerful by being both strong and soft.
More Riverstones
Rob Brandt
Art or kitch? Ceramic artist Rob Brandt is master of illuminating everyday clichés. By playing with the essence, a new reality with innovative products is created.
More Rob Brandt
Robert Bronwasser
Looks, smooth and cool, those are the characteristics of the 'everyday' products from this award winning designer. He designs his products from his private studio in Amsterdam.
More Robert Bronwasser
ROCKEEES are produced in a fully circular manner from discarded refrigerators.
More Rockeees
Rowold is truly "made in Amsterdam". No-nonsense design; practical yet elegant. Designer Ellis Rowold has a deep connection with felt and leather, resulting in a stylish line of products made of natural materials.
More Rowold
Royal Delft
Royal Delft is the brand associated with Holland's most recognisable product: Delftware. The company has a rich history with its origins in 1653, when the pottery workshop 'De Porceleyne Fles' was founded.
More Royal Delft
Sabine van der Ham
Designer Sabine van der Ham knows how to design interiors and lighting in her own way. Her studio SVDH DESIGN specializes in the design of office, catering and private interiors and in the design of lighting fixtures.
More Sabine van der Ham
Designer Sabine van der Ham knows how to design interiors and lighting in her own way. Her studio SVDH DESIGN specializes in the design of office, catering and private interiors and in the design of lighting fixtures.
More Sandmarks
Saskia Nooij
Dyed in the wool and now successful designer and owner of Kywie sheepskin wine and champagne coolers.
More Saskia Nooij
Scriptum Publishers
Founded in 1985 as an independent publishing house. Scriptum publishes books in the fields of management, economics, psychology, philosophy, lifestyle, history, language, art and cooking.
More Scriptum Publishers
Seroj de Graaf
Seroj is a Dutch designer of products and accessories with a passion for craftsmanship, attention to detail and a broad knowledge of materials and techniques.
More Seroj de Graaf
Silhouet Lighting
Silhouet, short for Silhouet Lighting, is a Dutch label of local and handcrafted lighting in subtle uncomplicated designs, genuine fabrics & colors creating atmospheric light. Silhouet is created and developed by Jeroen Oeloff, over a period of time, finding its start in 2012 – 2013.
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Slim Ben Ameur
Slim Ben Ameur was born in Tunisia, but has lived and worked in the Netherlands for many years. He majored in chemistry and in 2011 also graduated from the Rietveld Academy in the field of Ceramic Art. A chemical artist and an artistic chemist!
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Snellies Waskit
Snellies Waskit uit Utrecht legt zich toe op hanggemaakte kaarsen van bijzondere torens en objecten. Eerst de Domtoren kaars, bedacht en vormgegeven door Ruud Snel, gevolgd door de Brandaris en het Amsterdammertje uit de koker van Mandy en Manon Snel.
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The jewellery and home accessories from Soonsalon are not only intended to make daily life comfortable and beautiful. There's a funny ingredient in every design, with which they give a happy note to life. And they always give rise to a great conversation.
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Design duo spek consists of Michiel van Sinderen and Steffen de Jonge. They have designed a diverse range of products. Today, they mostly focus on Snippers, building the brand, and expanding the concept.
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Studio Admiraal Design
The Amsterdam based design studio Admiraal was established in 2002 and is housed in the NDSM Art City. Owner Robert Admiral drew inspiration from the Amsterdam canals in creating various products.
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Studio Carmela Bogman
Studio Carmela Bogman designs objects for public space and products for in and around the house. With simple and honest products, designer Carmela Bogman (Design Academy Eindhoven) wants to make people aware of the natural beauty around them.
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The Upcycle
The Upcycle designs make and sell sustainable products from waste, thus contributing to a circular society.
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Tim Várdy
Tim Várdy studied classical piano at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. During one of his many visits to a concert, he thought of a convenient lightweight folding stool, which later achieved worldwide acclaim; The Dutch Designer Chair. Since then, a whole range of innovative products have been designed by Várdy under the name Dutch Design Brand.
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Tjalle & Jasper
Tjalle en Jasper zijn twee jonge, talentvolle Nederlandse meubelontwerpers en -ontwikkelaars. Met hun kennis en ervaring maken ze de meest bijzondere houten interieur items.
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Turina Jewellery
The use of unconventional materials leads to jewelry that not only adorns but also stimulates and fascinates. From 2010, this young Amsterdam label has been conquering European hotspots step by step.
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TWO-O embraces modern craftsmanship and creates interiors and products of wood and metal in an authentic way. Everything comes together in sustainable design. Pure craftsmanship, passion and beauty. In this way TWO-O shows that quality always wins over quantity.
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Uitgeverij TerraLannoo
Exclusive books on art, photography, interior design, outdoors, design, fashion, and gastronomy: TerraLanno has what you're looking for.
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Uitgeverij WBOOKS
The largest publisher of history, lifestyle and art books in the Netherlands. For many publications, they collaborate with Dutch museums and cultural institutions.
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Van Tjalle & Jasper
Van Tjalle & Jasper is the company of two young, talented Dutch furniture designers. With their knowledge and experience, they create unique wooden interior items.
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Vincent van Gogh
After a bleak life, Van Gogh died in 1890 and left behind a large number of artworks; more than 850 paintings and nearly 1,300 works on paper.
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The name under which Amsterdam design duo Diederik Dam and Timo Keultjes work together. The common thread of their designs is the combination of fun and innovation and according to them really in that order. With own designs and products by other designers who create on invitation for Werkwaardig.
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Who is Amsterdam Tours
Amsterdam is a state of mind, not just a destination. Amsterdam is famous for many things. Bikes. great art, canals, etc. But it's the citizens who make the city. So in everything we do, we make Amsterdammers our centrepiece. Our joy is in helping you discover Who is Amsterdam.
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Willem Noyons
The imaginative, timeless design and sophisticated materials make the products of William Noyons enduringly popular. His work surprises, inspires and is transparent. Glass Design of the highest level.
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Yolanda Döpp
Yolanda Döpp is a goldsmith. For more than fifteen years, she has been designing and creating the most beautiful silver and golden jewelry in her studio in Amsterdam.
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